The function of public radio

  • What is the function of public radio and TV in a democratic society? How does your local public radio or TV station fulfill this purpose? Is there a role for public radio / TV in the future of media?
  • Since their inception, the music and movie industries have tried to balance artistic expression and commercial success. Do you think this balance has shifted during your lifetime, and if so in what way? Provide an example.


Megan post

What is the function of public radio and TV in a democratic society? How does your local public radio or TV station fulfill this purpose? Is there a role for public radio/TV in the future of media?Media has come a long way since the 1920s evolving from print media to radio, television, and video. Media has been a huge platform for democracy to reach individuals and to spread their messages across the nation. Mass media is meant to give strength to public service broadcasting to raise participation when it comes to alternative media and journalism. In the morning before work, I check my local news station for traffic updates, weather, and just to see what is going on in my community. I do think radio and tv have a role in the future from the morning news to service announcements and life-saving information we will always need multiple sources of public info.

Since their inception, the music and movie industries have tried to balance artistic expression and commercial success. Do you think this balance has shifted during your lifetime, and if so in what way?

I do think the music and movie industries have changed in so many ways. When I was a child I can remember boy bands and girl groups singing about love, happiness, and heartbreak. The groups would dance around on stage or in a video doing little routines, now you have women on national television rubbing there private parts together and calling that dancing. We also have other celebrities promoting sneaker say they are mixing a drop of human blood in the sneaker as it is being made for sale.

Sabrina post

The function of public radio and TV in a democratic society is to give society its news and culture. Public radio gives society a more in depth, analyzing view of the news and politics, versus the breaking news short news stories and music you typically hear. You get more conversation, more opinion and more personality talk. Public television is similar in that you will receive more personal, in depth stories. Public television is intended to reach all people, regardless of income or ability to purchase cable programming, so that everyone is provided with news, information, cultural and educational programming. My local public television stations fulfill this purpose, though I feel that my local public radio only somewhat fulfill their purpose because from my experience they tend to offer more political information than anything else, and it is almost always pushing a political agenda, based on one political party only. I am not certain if there is a role for public television or radio in the future. While I believe that there will always be people that only require the simplicity and great knowledge that comes from public radio and television, I do not know if there will be enough in the generations to come. With Internet & satellite radio and podcasts, along with the impact of narrowcasting and new technologies, I don’t foresee many people continuing to turn to public TV and radio for much longer.I think the balance of artistic expression and commercial success in the music and movie industries has shifted during my lifetime. When I was younger, music was about expression, songs were stories about love, expression, hurt, pain, current events, and cultural issues. Now, most music is just a beat and a rhythm, with a lot of popular music not having any meaning or story. For example, rappers in the 1970’s and 80’s rapped about their life, love, and culture. Now, most rap artists songs don’t truly have a plot or meaning.

Natalie post

Overall I think the health of the people in my community is pretty good. The average age people in my neighborhood is about 40 if I had to guess and most people do some sort of exercise and try to stay in shape. I think it a little better than average. I feel that where I live now people are more aware and concerned with health. Most households have two people working full time jobs and have access to healthcare. I grew up in Philadelphia and I can say that of my circle of friends in Philadelphia I was the only one who belonged to a gym and ran. In my experience city life is a bit more busy and perhaps not as health focused. Also, a lot of families in Philadelphia at least where I grew up only had one parent working, usually the dad while the mom was a stay-at-home mom. This was the case in my family as well, but we luckily always had access to healthcare. I live in the suburbs now and I feel that running and outdoor activities are much more common. I have not experienced a lack of access to healthcare quite honestly, but I can see how access to healthcare is an issue in some areas and does require change at a societal level. Basic healthcare should be available to everyone. I don’t have the answer, but I know that it is an issue. I think that the first step to any change is acknowledging that it is an issue. In the past I may have said that I could not possibly affect the change that is needed. However, not only over the past five weeks, but over the past year I have learned that even the actions of one person can cause a ripple effect and cause change. One of the things I do at work is manage studies that look at the health economics and other factors of people and diseases. I don’t create or run the studies, but I manage the progress so I get to see how economics can have either a positive or negative affect or a population of people and their aliments. For example, we run budget impact analyses on disease management and epidemiology . Healthcare and medication can be quite expensive and depending on the area, type of healthcare, and other societal factors (gender, race etc.) it can matter as to whether or not people get their life saving medications filled. So although I have not experienced the lack of access to healthcare, I have seen that it is a problem. It is everyone’s problem. As we all learned this year, if one group of people does not have access to healthcare, it can become an issue for all.


Respond to Kent, Brandon, Anna, and Shannon work to expand the discussion by contributing unique, relevant content (personal/professional experiences or examples) or by expanding and adding depth to the thoughts and ideas shared by your peers (presenting different strategies in the book, or new ideas and thoughts, or similar personal/professional experiences to connect with).  Responses should be relevant and meaningful as they relate to the topics presented in the discussion.

Kent post

One time I overcame a challenge in my life is more of a personal goal. My buddy and I love to fish. I fish for whatever I can catch but he’s into catching predominately trout. Last season, we went out one day and my buddy ended up catching five trout in the first hour of us being at the lake. I was very discouraged early out but seeing him happy while pulling these fish in kept me going. I always thought the way he caught fish was too much work and too complicated. I always went with the more traditional ways of fishing, but I decided to give it a try. It was a challenge because I had to use knots I had never used before. Luckily my buddy was very patient and willing to teach me the knots and setup. Once I was able to complete the set up, I caught fish left and right. I was very bummed out but I decided to challenge myself and overcome something I’ve never done before. Just like with every aspect of our lives, I was taught not to just stick to what I am used to. I saw my buddy happy catching fish and decided to join him instead of being a let down.

The one thing that resonated with me in the reading was being healthy and getting a good sleep. I very often get a decent sleep all at once. If I get eight hours of sleep in one day it’s always split up. Staying on schedule is very hard to do, but making sure you’re eating well in between and getting the right nutrients can be harder. I try to always take daily vitamins and do basic workout routines when I wake up. Basic workout I try to do are just push ups, sit ups and pull ups. Sometimes when I have the time I try to go for a little walk. Eating healthy can be challenging because I have very little time to actually sit down and eat. This means frozen and microwavable foods are my go too. There are not many healthy options out there and it can be easy to go for what’s less time consuming.

One thing I took away from the video was when President LeBlanc says academic success is not always academic credentials but how hard you work. Commitment, hard work and being able to pull yourself out of a hard place is grit. Just because you’re having troubles, doesn’t mean you are any less of a good worker or learner as the person acing their tests or getting noticed by the boss.

Brandon post

A recent challenge I overcame was at my previous job about five months ago. I referenced this earlier in the course about taking feedback, as a coworker of mine recommended I sign up for the position. Regardless the was an opening I was interested in but apprehensive about applying for because it seemed a little more technical and in depth than I was comfortable with. When I was eventually accepted for the position, it wasn’t easy and took about a week of training and another few weeks of constantly asking my coworkers for help and assurance that things were being done correctly. I was eventually able to do the work well and independently which was a great feeling. This experience taught me that I too often turn my back on good opportunities because of self-doubt and cut myself off from success before I give myself a chance.

Keeping stressors in perspective taking charge of your situations jumped out to me personally as the more Impactful methods that were discussed. Trying not to sweat the little things as well as keeping healthy perspective on the stressors you do have, is a great way to minimize some unnecessary stress and save that energy for more productive means. Doing that in tandem with tackle more pressing and serious matters head on is a great combination of strategies to navigate the stressors in your life.

I appreciated Paul LeBlanc’s insight regarding grit, namely how perspective and your state of mind plays a large part of it. I am definitely the type of person to get too discouraged and think negatively when I get the impression that I’m failing at something. I need to realize that instead of taking those pieces of information as a sign I’m unable to do something and instead view it as a sign I need to improve and that I’ve got more work to do.

Anna Cox post

This clip embodies the stereotypical gender-roles and solidified sexism. While the 1930s were a different time even today we still glorify Disney and the old problematic movies that present a power analysis of women being less than men and needing to be rescued.  Snow White had a queen ruling the land, but she was evil and her focus tied up in her vanity, even to her that was where her value lied. While I enjoy the nostalgia and the “cuteness” portrayed in Disney’s classics, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, they all fall victim to the status quo; a woman’s worth is tied up in her beauty and homemaking skills. Though Belle was meant to be a turning point and an effort to relabel the institutionalized sexism often portrayed in early cartoons, it still sends the primary message that because she was beautiful she was desirable, and a man called all the shots. I won’t even get into the implications of Stockholm Syndrome in the film.

The gender schema we internalize is that women are less than men and this is still very much alive and true in our society today. Feminist therapy exists because of the stress, trauma and behaviors we accept because we are women. The leering and inappropriate behavior of men because the US is set up as a patriarchy and men think that it is ok to treat women this way because they always have, because in their minds they are better, stronger, smarter…. Our world needs a social transformation, not every place has this issue, many revere and respect women. In Hawaii there is even a gender that is neither male nor female.

Shannon post

Why would I show this video clip in order to facilitate a discussion on feminist therapy?

This video shows exactly how men perceive women.  Disney has been a male dominated existence.  Feminist therapy is looking how females connect with people.  Like it says in our book, relational-cultural theory “is not about helping people adjust to conditions; rather, this therapy is about enhancing the client’s desire for connections and building networks and community” (Corey, 2017).  Women are strong and independent and need to be seen that way and Disney does not do this.  All the old Disney shows portray the female as weak and needing help.  They never have their own strength.

Egalitarian relationship is a main part of feminist therapy.  It puts the power back into the client’s hands.  It balances the relationship between the therapist and the client.  The client is the one who sets their own goals learns how to take charge in their own lives.

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